Vyacheslav Vsevolodovich Ivanov


Slavic, Baltic, and Indo-European linguistics, mythology and folklore, Russian literature and culture, languages of Los Angeles.

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University of California, Los Angeles
Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures
and Indo-European Studies Program
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High School, Moscow (1940-41, 1943-46, with honors).

M.A. Moscow State University, English Philology (1946-1951
with honors).

Ph.D. Moscow Lomonosov State University, Hittite and Indo-European

University of Vilnius, Doctorate in Baltic and Indo-European
Linguistics (1980).

Professor, Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures and
Program of Indo-European Studies, University of California,
Los Angeles, December 1991 - present.

Professor, Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures,
Stanford University, August 1990-November 1991.

Leading Research Fellow of the Institute of Slavic and Balkan
Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, 1989- to present.

Director of the Research Institute of World Culture of the
Moscow Lomonosov State University, 1992 –to present.

Chair, The Department of Theory and History of World

Culture and Professor, Philosophical Faculty, Moscow State
University, 1989 - April, 1995.

Director of the All-Union Library of Foreign Literature,
Moscow, December 1989 to October, 1993.

Chair, The Department of Structural Typology, Institute of
Slavic and Balkan Studies, Academy of Sciences of the USSR,
Moscow, 1963 - December, 1989.

Professor, Archival and Historical Institute, Moscow, 1988-

Associate Professor, High Courses for the Cinema Scriptwriters,
Moscow, 1965 - 1974.

Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Slavic and Balkan Studies,
Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Moscow, 1961 - 1963.

Chair, The Research Group for Automatic Translation,
Institute of Computer Technology and Exact Mechanics, Academy
of Sciences of the USSR,Moscow, 1959 - 1961.

Assistant Professor, Department of General Linguistics /
Laboratory for Automatic Translation, State Pedagogical
Institute for Foreign Languages, Moscow, 1959-1961.

Senior Lecturer(1954 - 1958), Assistant Professor (1958 –
1959), Department of General and Comparative Linguistics,
Moscow State University.

Research Fellow, Laboratory of Electronic Engineering Models,
Academy of Sciences of the USSR, 1957 - 1959.


Distinguished Visiting Professor, Humanities Center and Russian Department, Grinnell College, Fall 2002.

Visiting Scholar, Library of Congress. Washington, D.C. , Fall

Visiting Professor, Charles University, Prague, September 1997

Visiting Professor, Institute of Philosophy, Naples, April 1994

Visiting Professor, Slavic Department, Linguistics Department
and Department of Comparative Literature, Stanford
University, Winter 1989 and Spring 1990.

Visiting Professor, Slavic Department, University of Kiel,
Federal Republic of Germany, Winter 1989 - 1990.
Visiting Professor, Department of Slavic Languages and
Literatures, University of California, Los Angeles, Spring
Visiting Professor, Slavic Department, Bochum University,
Federal Republic of Germany, Spring 1988 and Spring 1994.
Visiting Professor, Tartu State University, 1986.
Visiting Professor, State Pedagogical Institute, Tallinn,1985.
Visiting Professor, Tbilisi State University,1984.
Visiting Professor, Debrecen University, Debrecen,
Visiting Professor, Vilnius State University,1981.
Visiting Professor, Latvian State University, Riga,1973.
Copenhagen Seminars Expert and Triglav group member/ United Nations Seminar of Experts on Cultural Problems in connection with the Copenhagen 1995 World Social Summit,Triglav (near Liubliana), Slovenia/ Copenhagen, October 1994- to present.
Chair, Commision on Cultural Anthropology of the Russian Academy of Sciences Scholarly Concil of the World Culture, 1996-to present.
Member, Russian Presidential Committee on Culture and Arts, August,1996 - 1998.
Curator, Exhibition of the Russian Orthodox Church of Alaska Archives, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C., Spring - Fall, 1994
Member, Russian Presidential Commission for Pardon, September 1992 - October 1994.
Representative of the Russian Federation in the Supreme Soviet (Member of the Parliament), October - November 1991.
People's Deputy of the USSR (Member of Congress), April, 1989 - December 1991.
Member of the Commission of the USSR Supreme Soviet on Language, Culture, National and International Traditions and Monuments, June 1989 - 1991.
President of the Translation Section of the USSR Writers' Union, Moscow Section, 1988 - 1991
President of the Moscow Linguistic Society, 1988 - 1990.
Head of the Linguistic Division of the USSR Governmental Scientific
Council for the Study of the Problem of Consciousness, Moscow 1981 - 1987.
Co-Chair of the International Symposium for Baltic Linguistics, Vilnius, September, 1985.
Head of the Linguistic Section of the Scientific Council for Cybernetics, Academy of Sciences of the USSR, 1959 - 1963.
Chair of the Organizational Committee of the First Symposium for the Study of Sign Systems,USSR Academy of Sciences, Moscow, December, 1962.
Member, The Speech Section and the Commission for Applied Linguistics of the Committee for Acoustics, Academy of Sciences of the USSR, 1957 - 1961.

Director, Russian Anthropological Center, Russian State Humanities Universities
(RGGU), Moscow, 2003
The Order of the Great Duke Gedimin (Lithuanian Republic Governmental
Decoration), August 2002.
Pasternak Literary Prize (Moscow), June 2002.
Member, The Council of Scholars of The John Kluge Humanities Center, The
Library of Congress, 2001- to present
Full Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAN), May 2000- to present.

Diploma of honor of "Revue de l'histoire ancienne" ("Vestnik
drevnej istorii"), Moscow –1997.

UCLA Faculty Research Lecturer, Spring 1995.
Mongtomery Fellow, Dartmouth College, Fall 1995.
Prize for the best Zvezda publication (St. Petersburg) of 1995.
Member of the American Philosophical Society, 1994 - present.
Member of the Latvian Academy of Sciences, 1993 - present.
Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1993 -

President of the Booker Prize Russian Novel Committee, 1993.
Member of the Russian PEN-Club, 1992 - present.

Medal for the achievements in semiotics of the Institute of
Semiotics of the Indiana University, Bloomington- March 1991.
Northrop Frye Professor of Comparative Literature, University
of Toronto, Winter 1991.
Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (RAEN), 1991 -
Member of the Council of Scholars, Library of Congress, 1990

The USSR Government State Prize for the book The Myths of the
Peoples of the World,1990 (together with several
Medal of the College de France, Paris- March, 1989.

Fox Fellow, Yale University, October, 1988.
The USSR Government Lenin Prize - for the monograph Indo-
European and Indo-Europeans (in collaboration with T. V.
Gamkrelidze), 1988.
Foreign Fellow of the British Academy, 1977 - present.
Honorary Member of the American Linguistic Society, 1967 -


(selected data)
Ed. Kul’turnaya antropologiya, vyp.1 (Cultural Anthropology. Vol.1) Moscow,
2002. ..

Coeditor of linguistic articles, Journal of Indo-European
Studies (Washington, D.C.: Institute for the Study of Man), 2000-present
(coed. with A.E.Parnis, Z.S.Paperny ) Mir Velimira Khlebnikova . Statji
issledovaniya 1911-1998 (“Velimir Khlebnikov’s World. Articles Studies 1911-
1998). Moscow: Yazyki russkoy kul’tury, 2000, 880p.
(coed. with Brent Vine ) UCLA Indo-European Studies. Vol.1. Los Angeles;
University of California at Los Angeles, 1999

Member of the Editorial Board, Star (Zvezda ), St.-Petersburg, 1999-present
Ed., Omri Ronen.The Fallacy of the Silver Age in Twentieth-Century Russian
Literature. Amsterdam:Harwood, 1997.
Ed., Ol’ga Freidenberg. Image and Concept. Mythopoetic role of Literature.
Amsterdam:Harwood, 1997.
Member of the international editorial board, Interdisciplinary
Journal of Germanic Linguistics and Semiotic Analysis
(University of California, Berkeley), Spring, 1996 - present.
Editorial Board member, Experiment. A Journal of Russian Culture. Institute of
Modern Russian Culture, Los Angeles, 1995- present.
Member of the editorial board of UCLA Slavic Studies. 1994-present.

Advisory Board Member of the Eisenstein Center of Cinema
Cultural Studies and of the journal, Cinema Studies Notes
(Kinovedcheskie zapiski),Moscow, 1993 –present.

Editorial Board member, Slavic Review, 1993-1996.
Editor, Elementa. Journal of Slavic Studies and Comparative
Cultural Semiotics, (New York, Gordon and Breach Academic
Publishers), Spring 1992 -2000.
Advisory Editorial Board Member, The Continent, Moscow-Paris,
1992 to present
Editorial Board Member, Foreign Literature (Inostrannaia
Literatura), Moscow, 1992 -1996
Editorial Board Member, Encyclopedia of Linguistics, Edinburgh,
1991 - 1993.
Editorial board member, Scale (Diapazon),Moscow, 1991-1993
Editorial Board member, Banner (Znamia), Moscow, 1990- 1994

Editorial Board member, Symbol(Simvol), Paris, 1989- 1993
Coeditor, Razvitie etnicheskogo samosoznanija slavjanskix
narodov v epoxu razvitogo feodalizma (The Growth of the Ethnic
consciousness of the Slavic peoples in the period of the late
Feudalism), Moscow:Nauka, 1989.

Editorial Board Member, Daugava, Riga, 1988 - 1990.
Editor-in-Chief, Baltic and Slavic Studies, Moscow, 1980
to present

Advisory Editorial Council Member, Linguistic Inquiry,
Cambridge, Mass., 1978 - 1986.

Editorial Board member, Journal of Indo-European Studies,
1971 –2000.
Advisory Editorial Board Member, Poetics, 1977 - 1981.
Editorial Board Member, Acta Linguistica Hafniensia,
Copenhagen,1971 - 1980.

Editorial Board Member , Works on Semiotics, Tartu, 1964 to
1990; 2001- present.
Editorial Board Member, Problems of Linguistics(Voprosy
jazykoznanija), Moscow, (also an assistant editor)1955 - 1959,
1988 –1993, 2002- present.
Editorial board Member, The Journal of the University of
Moscow, series of history and philology (Vestnik Moskovskogo
universiteta ) 1957-1958.


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PUBLIC LECTURES (selected data)

October 2003, “A Lonely House on the Vasilyevsky Island and Pushkin’s Texts on St.Petersburg. Yale University (Conference on 300 years of the Foundation of St.Petersburg).
September 2003 Humanities and Cultural Anthropology. Connecticut College, New London.
July 2003 Symbols of the Cultures along the Silk Road. Moscow Lomonosov State University, Institute of the World Culture.
June 2003 Memoirs on A.N. Kolmogorov. International Conference “Kolmogorov and Modern Mathematics”, Moscow.
May 2003 Semantic Shades of the Derivatives of the Numeral “Two”. Conference on Quantifiers, Institute of the Russian Language of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
February 2003 Hittite, Tocharian and Indo-European Terms for Seasons. UCLA Indo-European Studies Workshop.
October 2002, Semiotics and Humanities- Grinnelle College, Humanities Center.
June 2002, On the Place of Slavic among Indo-European Dialects according to the New Data- Institute for Slavic Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
June 2002- On the 50- year anniversary of the two successes in decipherment (Mycenaean Greek and Maya Hieroglyphics, Ventris-Chadwick and Knorozov)- Institute for Slavic Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
February 2002, The Inscription of Cortona and the Genetic Links of Etruscan- UCLA Classical Department.
September 2001, The Linguistic Situation of the World.- Russian Academy of Sciences Presidium, Moscow.
September 2001, Memory and Time: Nabokov.- Russian Second Prose, Conference, St-Petersburg, The European University.
September 2001, Reconstruction of the Past in Humanities, At the Russian Academy of Sciences Seminar on the Application of the exact methods in social sciences, Moscow.
September 2001, Divination in the Text of the Near East. The Lomonosov State University of Moscow Institute of the World Culture,.
2000 September, Eurasian Epics, “Word and Sound in the Eurasian Space”, an International Conference at the D.S. Likhachev Institute of Natural and Cultural Heritage, Moscow
2000 August, On the origin of the Dyonysian Cult, Institute of Slavic Studies, Moscow
2000 June, Indo-European *bhuH- in Luwian, UCLA Annual Indo-European Conference, Los Angeles.

2000 April, Southern Anatolian and Northern Anatolian as separate Indo-European dialects and Anatolian as a linguistic League, Richmond International conference on Anatolia and Indo-European.
2000, February, Early Russian Translations of Plato, USC Conference on the Russian Literature of the XVIIIth century, Los Angeles
1999 June, Semiotics in the XXth century.- The Library of Congress Conference “Frontiers of the Mind” (Results of the XXth Century Science), Washington D.C.
1998 May Balto-Slavic-Indo-Iranian Lexical Isoglosses, UCLA Annual Indo-European Conference, Los Angeles

1998 September “Russian Historical Novel and Roman a clef: ”The crazy House” and “Cotemporaries” by Olga Forsh, International Conference on The Second Proze, University of Trento, Italy
1998 June Types of the Russian Historical Narratives, International Conference “How Russians write History in the XXth Century”, University of Aix-en-Provence, France
1998 May “Palatalization of Indo-European Labiovelars in Luwian”., UCLA Indo-European Conference
1998 April “Gothic particles and Indo-European Symtax”, Germanists Round-Table, Berkeley
1997 September "Problems in Indo-European Comparative Grammar", Charles
University, Prague
1997 September "Noun and Verb in Linguistic Typology", The Prague Linguistic Circle.
1997 August " Indo-European Collective Nouns", The Annual Meeting of the European Linguistic Society,Goeteborg, Sweden
1997 July " Latin Influence on Early Slavic" , Institute of Slavic and Baltic Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow
1997 May "Indo-European expressions of Totality and the Feast of all the gods", UCLA Indo-European Conference
1997 February “Improvisation in “My Sister Life” by Pasternak”, Pasternak Conference, Stanford University
1996 September "Vygotsky, Bakhtin, Piaget," Invited Lecture, Piaget Centennary, Geneve, Switzerland.
1996 May "Indo-European God of Light and the Baltic and Slavic words for the Star", UCLA Indo-European Conference
1995 November "Bakhtin's Philosophy of Dialogue," Dartmouth College, Hanover.
1995-June "The Other's Speech (Spitzer and Bakhtin)," Bakhtin Centennary Conference, Norwich University.
1995 May "Archaic Anatolian Hydronyms", UCLA Indo-European conference
1995-April "Indo-European Migrations: A Linguistic Reconstruction of Pre-History," Faculty Research Lecture, University of California, Los Angeles, 1995.
1994 September "The Archives of the Russian Orthodox Church of Alaska: an attempt at a multilingual multicultural society" The Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.
1994 August "Vygotsky, Luriia, Eisenstein: Study of the Irrational," International Conference on Vygotsky, Golisyno, Russia (near Moscow).
1994-- "Symbols of the Apocalypse," International Conference on the Apocalypse, Chateau de Bretesche, France.
1994-- Keynote speaker: "Semiotics and Comparative Linguistics," International Congress of Semiotic Studies, Berkeley, CA.
1994-- Series of lectures on Russian literature and semiotics (May), at : the Universities of Geneva, Basel, Cologne, Bochum.
1994-- Series of lectures on the Russian Avantgarde (April), Institute of Philosophy, Naples, Italy.
1994-- "Eisenstein, Avantgarde and Baroque," International Conference on the Baroque, Moscow, Russia.
1993 May 29 "Interference of IE dialects: Hittite and Luwian. Reconstruction of the Luwian protosystem," the Fifth Annual UCLA Indo-European Conference, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA.
1993 Spring "Indo-European Mythology and Ancient Orient", UCLA Faculty Session to honor Prof. Jaan Puhvel
1993-- "The Russian Gnostic Tradition and Rosecruitioners," International Conference on Gnosticism, Moscow, Russia.

1993- "Ancient Macedonian as an Indo-European Dialect"- Faculty Seminar of the UCLA Indo-European Studies Program
1992 June "The Fate of Gorky," the Conference "Literature and Power," Norwich University, Vermont.
1992-- "Ethnicity and the New World Order," Conference at the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.
1991-- "Ethnic problems in Russia," International Conference on Ethnic
Problems and Ecology, Stanford, CA.
1991-- "Mandel'shtam and Biology," Mandel'shtam Centennial Conference, Moscow, Russia.
1991- "Bakhtin's view of Dialogue," International Conference on Bakhtin,Manchester, England.
1991-- "Mandel'shtam's Lamarck," International Conference on Mandel'shtam, London, England.
1991-- "Ergative in Anatolian and Tocharian," Guest Lecture at the Indo-European Conference, University of California, Los Angeles.
1990-- "Pasternak's 'Definition of Poetry,'" International Conference on Pasternak, Stanford University, Stanford, CA.
1990-- "Pasternak's Imagery," International Conference on Pasternak, Oxford, England.
1989-- "Akhmatova and World Poetry of the XXth Century," International Conference on Akhmatova, University of Nottingham, England.
1989-- "Time in Akhmatova's Poetry," USSR Academy of Sciences Commission on Complex Study of the Creative Art Session on Akhmatova, Moscow, USSR.
1989-- "Metaphors and Poetic Language," Joint Seminar on Metaphors, Stanford University and University of California, Los Angeles in Stanford,CA.
1989-- "Visual Art in Schizophrenia," Joint Seminar on Scizophrenia, Psychology, and Lingistic Departments, Stanford University, Stanford, CA.
1989-- "Akhmatova and Pasternak," USSR Akhmatova Centennial Conference, Leningrad, USSR.
1989-- "Alphabetic and Hieroglyphic Signs," International Conference of Cultural Semiotics, Tutzing, West Germany.
1989-- "Classics and Avant-garde", International Symposium on Avant-garde Poetry, Leningrad, USSR.
1989-- "USSR Today," Maison des Ecrivains, Paris, France.
1988-- "Pavel Florensky's Views on Language," International Conference on Pavel Florensky and the Culture of his Time, University of Bergamo, Italy.
1988-- "Nietzsche and Russian Culture," Symposium on Nietzsche, Cologne,Federal Republic of Germany.
1988-- "Osip Mandel'shtam's Poem on the Unknown Soldier," International Symposium on Mandel'shtam, Bari, Italy.
1988-- "Semiotics, Linguistics and Comparative Literature," Guest Lecture, International Congess on Comparative Literature, Munich, Federal Republic of Germany.
1988-- " Two images of Africa: Xlebnikov's "Ka" and Nikolai Gumilev's African Travels," Conference on Metaphor of the Journey in Russian Literature, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut.
1988-- "Comparison of Indo-European and Semitic Verbal Systems," International Congress on Distant Linguistic Relationship, Ann Arbor,
1987-- "On Linguistic Metatheory," International Congress on Logic and Methodology of Sciences, Moscow State University, USSR.
1987-- "On the Typological Shape of Language as a Result of its Previous Development," Soviet-American Conference on Linguistic Universals,University of California at Berkeley.
1986-- "On Genetic Relationships between Lanuages of the Ancient Asia Minor," International Congress on the Study of Cuneiform Cultures, Charles Univesity, Prague, Czechoslovakia.
1984-- "On the Relationship between Tocharian and Ob-Ugarian Phonological Systems," International Congress of Finno-Ugrian Studies, Syktyvkar (Komi Republic).
1983-- "Linguistics and Aphasiology," International Symposium on Aphasiology, Warsaw, Poland.
1982-- "The Structure of the Hymn Dedicated to Vahagn," International Symposium on Armenian Linguistics, Yerevan, Armenia.
1982-- "Russian Linguistics in the Prague Linguistics Circle," Round Table on the Prague Linguistic Circle, International Congress on Computational Linguistics, Prague, Czechoslovakia.
1981-1986-- Series of Lectures at the Summer School on Biology, Planerskoe (The Crimea), Borzhomi (Georgia) and Dilizhan (Armenia), USSR.
1980-- "On the Origin of the Alphabet," and "North-Western Caucasian Relationship of the Hattic Language," Conference on the Ancient Far East, Daugavpils, Latvia.
1979-- "The Unconscious and Creativity," International Symposium on the
Unconscious, Tbilisi, Georgia.
1977-- "New Data on the Links between Semitic and Anatolian Peoples and
Languages in III-II mil. B.C.," Conference on Semitology, Tbilisi, Georgia.
1975-- "Color Music and the Right Hemisphere," Conference on Color Music, Engineering Bureau "Promethius," Kazan',Tartar Republic.
1974-- "Structure of Aleksander Blok's 'Steps of the Commander'" The Aleksander Blok Conference, Tartu State University, Estonia.
1968-- "Aesthetic Views of Sergei Eisenstein," Eisenstein Memorial Session,The Union of Film-Makers of the USSR, Moscow.
1967-71-- Series of lectures at the Summer Workshops on Semiotics, Tartu University, Tartu and Kääriku, Estonia.
1964-- "On the Indo-European Origin of Old Lithuanian Reflexive Forms," First Symposium for Baltic Linguistics, " Vilnius, Lithuania.
1964-- "Yenissey-Ostyak (Ket) Culture and the Features of the Circumpolar Area"(in collaboration with V. Toporov), International Congress for Anthropology and Ethnology, Moscow.
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1957-- "New Data on Comparative Study of Hittite and Tocharian," 8th International Congress of Linguistics, Oslo, Norway.