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Professor and Chair
Dept. of Slavic Languages and Literatures

University of California, Los Angeles
Dept. of Slavic Languages & Literatures
326A Humanities Building, Box 951502
Los Angeles, California 90095-1502
Tel. (310) 825-8724 (office) or (310) 825-3856 (dept.)
Fax.: (310) 206-5263

1965-1967: Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan; English and Philosophy
1967-1969: B.A., Russian and English, University of Michigan
1971: M.A in Slavic Languages & Literatures, University of Michigan
1973-1974: Fulbright/IREX Grant for dissertation research in USSR (Moscow)
1975-1977: Residence in Moscow as translator for Progress Publishers, Journal of the Moscow Patriarchate, Bulletin of USSR Copyright Agency; freelance interpreter for ABC News Division
1978: Ph.D. in Slavic Languages & Literatures, University of Michigan

1992-1998, 2002-2007, 2010-present: Chair, Dept. of Slavic Languages and Literatures, UCLA
2003 (Summer) Visiting Professor, University of Basel, Switzerland
2000 (Spring) Visiting Professor, Leiden University, the Netherlands
1990-present Professor, UCLA
1987-1990 Associate Professor, UCLA
1986 (Spring) Columbia University (Visiting Assoc. Prof.)
1985-1987 Associate Professor, University of Pennsylvania
1978-84 Assistant Professor, University of Pennsylvania

Survey of Early 20th Century Russian Literature
Movements and Genres

  • Russian Futurism
  • Russian Symbolism
  • Russian Poetry (Poetic Sequences)
  • The New Peasant Writers (Kliuev, Klychkov, Esenin)
  • Early Russian Romanticism
  • Velimir Khlebnikov
  • Literature and Mentality: Pasternak, Platanov, and Klychkov
  • Archiaism in Russian Literature and Culture

Introduction to Russian Civilization
Introduction to the Russian Novel
Survey of 20th Century Russian literature
Senior Seminar on Pasternak and Sholokhov
Russian Literature and World Cinema
Eastern Christianity in Comparative Perspective
Survey of Russian Drama
Comparative Christianities

Stanislav Shvabrin, “Vladimir Nabokov as Translator: The Multilingual Works of the Russian Period” (2007)
Lim Soojung (Susanna), “East Asia in Russian Thought and Literature : 1830s-1920s” (2006)
Andrea Hacker, “Velimir Khlebnikov's Doski sud'by: Text, Discourse, Vision” (2002)
Anindita Banerjee, “The Origins of Russian Science Fiction” (2000)
Katya Hirvasaho, “A Stepchild of the Empire: Finland in Russian Colonial Discourse” (1997)
Karen McCauley, “Formalism and the Rise of Socialist Realism” (1995)
David MacFadyen “Joseph Brodsky and the Baroque” (1995)


  • Politics and poetic discourse in eighteenth-century Russian culture
  • A history of the poetic sequence (“poetic cycle”) in the Russian literary tradition.
  • Velimir Khlebnikov: a textological analysis of the late manuscripts
  • Russian religious philosophy; the role and impact of archaizing tendencies, in particular the Old Belief, in the twentieth century.
  • Solipsism in Russian modernism

2006-07              UCLA Center for Digital Humanities Research Grant ($12,000)
1987-present       Yearly grants of $1500 - $5000, UCLA Academic Senate Committee on Research
1999                   Fellow of the American Council of Learned Societies
1996                   IREX Travel Grant
1995                   IREX Special Projects Grant
1994                   NEH Travel to Collections Grant
1993                   IREX Travel Grant
1987-88              Research Foundation Grant, University of Pennsylvania
1986-87              Fulbright-Hays Faculty Research Abroad Grant (Moscow/Leningrad)
1986                   ACLS/USSR Academy of Sciences Research Exchange Grant (Moscow/Leningrad)
1984-85              Research Foundation Grant, University of Pennsylvania
1982-83              Dia Art Foundation Research Grant
l982                    University of Pennsylvania Summer Research Grant
1980-81              American Council of Learned Societies Grant-in Aid
1974-75              Rackham Dissertation Fellowship
1973-74              Fulbright-Hays Research Abroad Grant (USSR)
                          International Research and Exchanges Board Fellowship
1970-73              NDFL Fellowship (Title IV)
1969-70              Ford Foundation Fellowship

Editorial Board, Russkaja pochta (Belgrade), Rusistika (Korea), Slavic and East European Journal, Zeitschrift für Slawistik, Vestnik Obshchestva Velimira Xlebnikova, UCLA Slavic Studies, New Series

Please note: graphemes employing diacritical marks are replaced below by their equivalent in the Library of Congress (LC) transliteration system (c with hachek = ch; z with hachek = zh; s with hachek = sh); all Russian-language texts are also transcribed using the LC system.

Books (authored)

  1. A. P. Sumarokov. Ody torzhestvennye. Elegii liubovnye. Redaktsii i varianty. Stati'i. Kommentarii [A. P. Sumarokov. Panegyric Odes. Love Elegies. Redactions and Variants. Essays. Commentary]. Moscow: Izd. OGI, 2009.
  2. Velimir Xlebnikov's Krysa: A Commentary. Stanford: Stanford Slavic Studies, 1988.
  3. Velimir Xlebnikov's Shorter Poems: A Key to the Coinages. Ann Arbor: Michigan Slavic Materials, 1983. 

Books (edited and co-edited)

  1. I vremia i mesto: Istoriko-filologicheskii sbornik k shestidesiatiletiiu Aleksandra L'vovicha Ospovata. [A Time and a Place: An Historico-Philological Collection in Honor of the Sixtieth Birthday of Aleksandr L'vovich Ospovat]. Moscow, 2008. 640 pp. With R. Leibov, A. Nemzer et al.
  2. Poetika, istoriia literatury, lingvistika: sbornik k 70-letiiu Viacheslava Vsevolodovicha Ivanova. / Essays in Poetics, Literary History and Linguistics. Presented to Viacheslav Vsevolodovich Ivanov on the Occasion of his Seventieth Birthday. Ed. A. A. Visagin, R. Vroon, M. L. Gasparov et al. Moscow: Izd. OGI, 1999. 
  3. Velimir Khlebnikov. Collected Works, Vol. III. Tr. Paul Schmidt. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1997.
  4. Readings in Russian Modernism: To Honor Vladimir Markov. UCLA Slavic Studies. New Series II. Ed. with John Malmstad. Moscow: Nauka, 1993.
  5. Velimir Khlebnikov. Collected Works, Vol. II. Tr. Paul Schmidt. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1989.
  6. The Structure of the Literary Process. Ed. with P. Steiner and M. Cervenka. Amsterdam: John Benjamins Publishing Co., 1982.
  7. Jurij Lotman. The Structure of the Artistic Text. Translated (with G. Lenhoff), with preface and annotations. Ann Arbor: Michigan Slavic Materials, 1977.  


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